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B Weis is KILLING IT lately. But  you don’t have to take my word for it. Watch his new Ground Control edit and see for yourself. and while you’re at it, check out his latest Be-Mag Interview.

from vimeo

Brian has been shredding for a cold minute up in Detroit, Michigan. He’s been steadily mastering his skill and technique with long-time shredder, Pro and local; Don Bambrick. Trick-WEIS, Brian’s got to many to count and his style has matured oh so nicely. Not to mention and well as you can see he’s got hammers too. We are stoked to present to you all the newest AM to the Ground Control TEAM. Let er’ rip.

BRIAN WEIS – GC WATCHLIST 13 from Ground Control on Vimeo.

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Blue Collar Blade Tour

     The spirit of Maifest Destiny within the soul of a Michigander is unique. We yearn to explore the back roads and coast lines that bind the two penninsulas of Michigan. From never-ending fresh water horizons, desert sandscapes, rolling hillsides, farm houses and corn fields, to quaint towns, fisheries, and water-locks, Michigan is satiated with beauty. Our state is a mirage within the heartland of the American dream. View full post »

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Detroit will soon have a CITY APPROVED DIY SKATE PARK!!  That’s right, city approved. No more worry of how long we will get to enjoy all of our hard work!

Here’s the status posted by Derrick Dykas(a local skateboarder and the organizer of this project)

As he states in the status, the park will be located at the former Wigle Recreation Center in Midtown. Which is an awesome location easily accessible from both the Downtown neighborhoods as well as the the Lodge expressway.

Whether you’re a blader, boarder, biker, scooter-er, or whatever, let’s all come together as a community and help build something amazing! Something to be enjoyed by all.

Info for the first build day


Wigle Rec Center
705 Seldon
Detroit, MI 48201
(address is slightly off. It’s right off the Lodge)

Knowing Mach Tim – Round Two

Words cannot express the greatness contained within’ these 6 minutes. Although this quote from Detroits own Brian Weis is a pretty good effort.

“When a company approaches a graphic designer and says, ‘I want you to create us a logo that we can still use in 50 years, something timeless’. That’s Tim’s skating – A timeless representation of rollerblading.”

Knowing Mach Tim – Round Two from Mike Torres on Vimeo.

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